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About Us

Infinity Kisses is a local new brand of wedding shop.We provide several services such as various good looking of scene for pre-wedding photograph takes and several bundle of packages of wedding package.Infinity Kisses just estblished in 2017.Infinity Kisses is established by a "wonderwoman". She is just 20 years old in 2018. She is Elizabeth.

We provide a pre-wedding consultation for all the couple. We introduce all of our services, all the resources for wedding, various location for photo taking, and wedding plan for all the customers. Besides,we have several jewellery and hotels for the couple who need the supply from us.

Other than these services, we also provide overseas pre-wedding photo taking and wedding.We provide the overseas location such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and more.Our company will provide the local wedding ceremony according to the country chosen such as a wedding ceremony on Bali island is near to the sea.Our company also provide services for the transport to overseas.

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